Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Media Week Awards programme

Here's a little job I did recently for the front cover of the Media Week Awards programme...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Olympics posters 2012

..well here is my first of a new series of Olympics posters..soon to be released! this space!!!

Be Flexible! of my older illustrations from when I had a regular spot in 'People Management'...and one of my faves.

Marsh Mellow re-vamp!

..I recently did some re-vamping of my Marsh Mellow characters, as it seems they are beginning to become popular!....

Sweetspot Student acommodation website

..illustration I did recently for the agent...a simple animation job. It was a web screen to entice students in the Oxford area to sign up to their client list.

Hi!..long time no see...

..what can I say...been very, very busy..and rather neglected my duties somewhat!!..but, it' great to be back! kick things off, here is an illustration I did for Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic's soon to be released limited edition this space!