Thursday, March 1, 2012

Watch with Mother : Pogles Wood

...First up on my celebration of 'Watch with Mother' is the magical Pogles Wood. Made by the fantastic Smallfilms team of Peter Firmin & Oliver Postgate, Pogles Wood ran from 1966-1967 on the BBC. I only have very distant memories of the Pogles, but when I see & hear it, I am immediately taken back to my early childhood. The narration and richness of the vocals adds to its captive charm

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  1. Oh wow, how I used to love Pogles Wood - didn't they always make something fab from pipe cleaners or something?

    Anyway I digress, the reason I popped by your blog was to find out a little more about your retro range for nineteenseventythree - love it and am wondering if you produce anything else with the illustrations? I think the Sussex Houses would make a fab wallpaper for kids rooms!