Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Open House - Final Weekend...

...last weekend was my busiest so far, with prints flying out the door!!!...along with some great offers of exhibiting my prints in some great venues!....sad to say it's the final weekend this weekend, so if you havn't popped by yet, now's your chance!...I hear we may be having some nibbles (& perhaps a cheeky glass or two of sweet sherry!) on the final day!! ..see you there! - 25a Compton Road, on the Dyke Road Open House Trail.


  1. Hi, Sean! I'm Penny, I'm from Brazil and I'm great fan of your art. I also have a blog about mod and retro culture, and I made a post about your great work. Please, come visit us: modernomundo.blogspot.com

    Thank you very much,